About Me
Hey there, I'm an undergraduate student at IIT Delhi. I'm fascinated by technology and space. Like, it's such a large universe, we can't possibly be alone...right?
Coding is my passion. I love to innovate and create new products. I'm capable of designing elegant websites from scratch, and well, that's just one of my skills.
My hobbies include lawn tennis, swimming and listening to music. In my free time, I usually work on mini projects of my own or just binge watch on netflix like every other college student. I feel that coding helps me to express myself. It is my outlet into the creative world and possibly a path to create a mark upon it.
dps rk puram
Graduated X & XII
2014 | 2018
I joined DPS RK Puram in 9th grade and my time spent there has been totally worth it. I met a lot of new people and created some amazing friends along the way. Academics aside, the highlight of my school life has to be the Aerospace Society (Aeross). I was the vice president of Aeross from 2017-2018.
class X CGPA | 10/10
class XII Percentage | 96.4%
iit delhi
B.Tech in Mechanical Engg.
2018 | 2022 (Expected)
Just like every other engineering student, coming to IIT was a dream come true for me. I'm currently in my second year. IIT has provided me with this brilliant platform to really discover my true self. I can pursue whatever it is that inspires me and meanwhile still obtain an profound academic education.
Current CGPA | 9.118/10
Aerospace Society
TechFest | IIT Bombay
Robocon 2019
Holonomic 4 Wheeled Drive
Symbolic Differentiatior
Quad Leg Bot
Emergency Buzzer Circuit
Portfolio Creator
Aryan Gupta
email address | aryanguptaleo@gmail.com
contact number | 9811128293
Reach Me | Shivalik Hostel, IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas, 110016
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